• The Best Mixer, Just For Rum

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The Best Mixer, Just For Rum

Our Super Secret Recipe

Coconut and Pineapple

Rose and Blackberry

Ginger and Cinnamon

We Don't Make Cola. We Make Rum Mixers.

We make the best mixers, tailored just for rum. No oversweet colas, no weak fizzy waters, no bitter tonics and no nasty cocktails-in-a-can. Just great flavour, that perfectly complements, lengthens and celebrates rum.

Rum is made over the course of years by distillers who are passionate about their product. We shared that passion when developing our range. Why would you mix with anything else?

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Low Sugar, Less Bloat, Real Fruit Juice

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Mix and Match

Rum, Customer and Mixologist Reviews:

"Simple to serve, and with a very complex taste that nothing in the market comes close to."

Chris - Mixologist @home_cocktail_enthusiast

Rum, Customer and Mixologist Reviews:

"The idea, the aesthetic and the taste is far beyond my expectations."

Paige - Rum Enthusiast @_alcoholike

Rum and Mixologist Reviews:

"We were fortunate enough to get an exclusive viewing of Stratford Soda's new rum mixers. The quality of the mixers is incredible and they are an essential to any rum head's drinks cabinet."

Louis Goddard-Watts - Co-Founder, Sly Dog Rum

Rum, Customer and Mixologist Reviews:

"Ridiculously refreshing, astonishingly tasty."

@Rooboozoo - Mixologist & Bar Manager

Rum, Customer and Mixologist Reviews:

"I've never tried rum this way and now I'm kicking myself, it was a taste sensation. So light and refreshing with the loveliest mouthfeel - not 'fizzy' for me at all, just perfect. I'm in love."

Sharleen - Mixologist @sharleen_dohertysharp

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